My intent is to not influence viewers, but to allow them to make interpretations of my work based upon their own life
experiences.  Often, only the title provides an entry to the meaning of the sculpture and my explanation of it.  
The initial concepts for my work are basically autobiographical in that they are derived from my emotions, moods, and
life experiences.  I also find inspiration in nature and in the imagery of dreams, literature and music.  As each piece
unfolds in mind it begins to evolve and through each stage of completion it takes on a life of its own and many times,
plants the seeds of an idea for a future piece.  This evolutionary process is important as it prevents stagnation and
redundancy.  It also compels me to experiment and discover unconventional uses for materials.
I am known for doing whatever it takes to see a concept through to completion; cast, forge, fabricate, or any combination
of processes.  I feel that very little is impossible, sometimes the difficulties lie only in figuring out a way to do it.
Below are pictures of myself with friends and some projects that I have been involved with.
Alfio Bonanno working on Suspended and the two of us at the dedication of Suspended/Fallen at the Cedarhurst
Mitchell Museum in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.  I assisted him with the project.  
This was taken at the unveiling of the Somnolent commission.  The
gentleman on the right is sculptor
Bob Youngman, the first to receive a
MFA in sculpture from SIU.
Kevin Shunn and I standing by his cupola the day after the
1999 Annual SIU-C Iron Pour, which was Tom Walsh's
farewell pour.
Another interesting project that I was
involved with.  I assisted a retired
sculpture professor--Aldon
Addington--with building a three story
loft style house made entirely of scrap
steel.  It is 27' x 27', nearly 40' tall and
has a wrap around deck on two sides
fabricated out of 1/4" x 4 1/2" strips.  
The floors are 1/2" plate and the
windows are all factory seconds.  The
house is now finished and is skinned
with corrugated metal siding.
Chris Davis, Brandi J Rolson and myself in our installation A Christmas Story
in the Glove Factory at Southern Illinois University--Carbondale.  (1998)
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